Soft & Silky Hair Extension Maintainance Spray 500ml

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Our very own detangling ‘Miracle Spray’ for daily maintenance Leaves hair feeling soft and silky with a healthy shine Reduces matting and static Oil free formula Specially designed for Hair Extensions but also suitable for wigs and your own hair Size: 500ml American Dreams top selling Soft and Silky Spray provides daily maintenance for hair extensions, leaving your locks looking soft and silky without any grease. Perfect for detangling your hair with ease and making them look healthy and frizz free. Being oil free, it provides a light healthy sheen and can be used as often as required. For best results wash hair with our Soft & Silky Shampoo followed by the Soft & Silky Conditioner. For an intense treatment use our Soft & Silky Treatment once a week. What makes our Soft & Silky Range so special for Hair Extensions? Perfectly balanced for hair extensions (pH 5.5), our salt free super hydrating range drenches thirsty locks with essential oils and natural silicones, leaving hair extensions soft and silky with heightened shine. For intensive moisture boost try our leave in conditioning treatment.
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