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Russian Hair

If you are looking to get some hair extensions, choosing Russian extensions will give you a top quality product with a great deal of flexibility. Our products come in a range of lengths, from 8 inches to 22, to suit whatever needs you have and allowing you an instant change of look. The widths can be flexible, too. Russian hair extensions come in a huge range of natural looking colours, often up to twenty shades, so you can be sure to get a great match with your own colour. It can be coloured or highlighted, although it is advised to get a professional to colour it if that is your decision. A further quality of Russian hair extensions is its silky texture, making them among the softest products on the market. We have a range of stock products, but should you prefer another variation of length or weight, then please do get in touch and discuss your requirements with us. Special order items can usually be dispatched within a week. We sell both wefts and loose hair to achieve whatever you want from your look or style, and we also offer a colour matching service if you are loyal to a previous colour. The hair is a fine to medium density, and can be straight or wavy. It is not chemically processed, so it has a very long life and is both strong and durable. Of course, careful care and handling can prolong the life of the extensions and wefts.
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