Hood Dryer

Hood dryers are fast becoming a popular household beauty item, as they give you the salon finish to your hair, without the cost, and all within the comfort of your own home. There are various different types which come in a range of sizes and prices. Not only are they easy to use, you can sit and relax whilst it does all the work, leaving you feeling very pampered! One of the best attributes of it is the ease and speed that it dries. They are fantastic for giving your hair added volume and bounce. For people who like to use rollers in their hair, it’s a great way of speeding up the process, and most dryers have enough space to fit a full head of rollers inside. Most hood dryers come with adjustable heat settings so you can choose the level of heat that best suits your hair. ork by gently circulating warm air around your hair to dry it very gently, adding volume. It is a fantastic product for people with long or thick hair as it can usually take a long time to dry it thoroughly. However, with a hood dryer it is so much quicker to achieve dryness whilst still maintaining the protection of your hair. Another benefit is that you can use them alongside a conditioner to help your hair absorb the conditioner deeper and faster. There are various different types of dryer, including table top dryers that must be placed on a hard surface; you then place your hair underneath the hood. Another type is the soft hooded portable dryer, made from a softer material, which you place over your hair and have a tube that attaches to a hair dryer. These are great for when travelling as they are very compact.
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