A hair dryer diffuser is a great beauty accessory that speeds up the drying process and reduces frizz. Suitable for everyone, but especially useful for people with dry, curly or frizz prone hair, as it protects your hair from direct heat, keeping it from becoming damaged. Diffusers attach to the nozzle of a hair dryer and are incredibly simple to use. There are three main types of diffuser; flat vented, mitt diffusers, as well as 'finger' diffusers that all give great results. Flat vented diffusers are great for creating a sleek, smooth finish. Mitt diffusers are typically made from a soft material that fits over the end of your hairdryer, like a sock, and can be used in conjunction with styling brushes etc. or on their own. Mitt diffusers are also great for travelling with as they take up so little room. 'Finger' diffusers are usually bowl shaped with several rods pointing outwards from the centre, which separate the hair and create volume. Diffusers are most often used on damp hair with a low heat and power setting to gently dry the hair, allowing curls to keep their natural shape and not become dry and frizzy. As well as protecting your hair from direct heat, they are also brilliant at adding volume and texture, as the diffusers with rods help to separate the hair and add lift to create beautiful bounce and shape to your hair. Using the diffuser with your head upside down will also help to add volume as the heat can get directly to the roots of your hair. Hair dryer diffusers are great value for money as most last for years, and they are a great addition to your beauty regime. They are quick and easy to use, while drastically improving the overall appearance of your hair.
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