Standard Dryer

A hair dryer is an everyday essential for many of us. Whether you need to dry and go as fast as you can, or want to take your time to achieve a professional ‘straight from the chair’ result, we have the right hair dryer for you, at the right price. We only stock trusted leading brands including Babyliss and Wahl so you can rest assured that we have your hair’s best interests at heart. How to choose the right hair dryer for your needs: Everyday Models; A decent lightweight hair dryer is perfect to achieve an enjoyable every day hair drying experience. We have some excellent models at refreshingly cheap price points. Saloon Effect; If you have more time on your hands, you could decide to opt for a more powerful hair dryer. These tend to be heavier than a standard model, with a stronger airflow. Speeds and Heat settings; The more speed and heat settings the hair dryer has, the more ability you will have to regulate the airflow, thus ensuring you can get the setting that suits your own individual hair type the best. A high heat setting is useful for rough drying; for precision styling it’s recommended that you go for a product that has a good selection of different heat and speeds to enable you to attain the perfect look. A hairdryer with a variety of different heat settings is ideal for achieving styles with lots of body. Power rating; The stated wattage gives an excellent indication as to the power of a hair dryer. It’s simple - the higher the wattage, the more heat the hairdryer is capable of producing. The higher the speed settings, the shorter time it will take to dry your hair, meaning that there is less chance of heat damage. If you intend to use your hairdryer abroad, go for a lower voltage, as this reduces the likelihood of the fuse blowing. Good Looks; All the hair dryers we stock have been ergonomically designed to give the best possible results. And with colours ranging from sophisticated black, through sleek silver to the hottest of hot pinks, there is bound to be a style that will suit your individual taste.
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