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Vaseline started life in 1859 as a by-product of oil production. Colloquially known as ‘rod wax’ it was regarded as a nuisance, as it made the drill rigs seize up. A chemist called Robert Cheesebrough noted this phenomenon and realised that many of the oil workers were using the substance to heal minor abrasions and dry skin. This prompted him to take some home to experiment upon, and, after months of testing, he refined it into the product that is instantly recognisable as Vaseline today. His invention quickly took off, and was popularly used to relieve conditions from nappy rash to more serious skin irritations. Vaseline petroleum jelly is a fantastically versatile invention. For more than 140 years, it has been the go-to remedy for a multitude of skin conditions. It is used by women all over the world as a trusted part of their beauty regimen, and by athletes to protect their skin from the elements. Vaseline’s unique formula does not disturb the natural balance of the skin, rather it works with it to protect, sooth and heal. Its purity derives from the fact that it is triple purified in a special production process. Vaseline intensive care is a lifesaver for those of us suffering from dehydrated, stressed or dry skin. Its special formulation means that it is suitable for use as an all-over treatment, as well as a targeted treatment for dry patches. Easily absorbed and incredibly soothing, Vaseline Intensive Care is the solution to all your dry skin woes
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