If you long for luscious, long locks but are worried about using hair extensions, then worry no longer. With halo hair extensions, getting that perfect look is much easier than you might expect. What's more, halo extensions come in a wide range of colours, so finding one to blend perfectly with your hair is easy, too. Halo extensions are mounted on fine wire, which you simply slip onto your crown, over your own hair. Using a tail comb (or even a pen or pencil if you don't have a tail comb to hand), you can quickly and easily pull lengths of your own hair over the wire to cover it. And that's it. The result is a thicker, longer mane with all the versatility and possibilities of your natural hair. Halo hair extensions remain firmly but invisibly attached beneath your own hair for as long as you want them, with no risk of hair damage. Being temporary, they offer almost endless possibilities: why not wear extensions that contrast with your own hair colour on one day and a shade that tones with your existing colour the next? Halo use natural hair in their extensions, so you can style them just as you would your own hair. You can even alter your hair length from day to day, because these extensions come in a choice of 16 and 20 inch lengths. Why endure any more boring hair days, when you can easily add natural, comfortable extensions that will not damage your hair? Why not claim your halo, today?
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