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Beauty Works

Beauty Works hair extensions put celebrity hair within easy reach of every woman who wants to have fun with hair and look more glamorous at the same time. As the leading specialist in the UK for hair extensions of all kinds, Beauty Works uses real human hair for a sleek and natural look. Competitively priced and easy to fix into place, these hair extensions are the ones most requested by the media for fashion shoots and product features. Popular among celebrities who want the red carpet look, names such as Nicole Scherzinger and Alesha Dixon have used these hair extension to great effect. Available in a wide array of hair colours and lengths, it is possible to achieve any look through various fixing methods, from clip-in extensions to semi-permanent bonded hair extensions. Soft to the touch, they retain their shine and gloss through washing, blow drying and styling, making them long lasting and a great investment. Remy Beauty Works hair extensions are the same thickness down the length of the hair, giving a luxurious fullness with a smooth texture. Having fun with fashion and getting the celebrity look is easy with styles such as clip in hair buns and fish tail braids, for fun fashion hair pieces that work with your own hair to give a natural looking burst of glamour whenever it is wanted. All this at an affordable price, making Beauty Works the hair extension solution for every time an updated wow factor is needed, whether for special occasions or just to give an everyday lift.
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  1. Beauty Works Beach Wave Double Hair Set 18" and 22"
    As low as £149.99
  2. SALE Beauty Works Synthetic Volume Boost
    As low as £14.99
  3. SALE Beauty Works Wrap-Round Pony
    As low as £5.00
  4. Balayage / Root Stretch ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Beauty Works Invisi®-Tape Hair Extensions 20 Inch 40g
    As low as £164.99
  5. Balayage / Root Stretch Beauty Works Double Hair Set 18"-180g, 20"-210g, 22"-220g
    As low as £245.99
  6. Mermaid Lengths 22 Inch Beauty Works Celebrity Choice Slim-Line Tape Extensions 48g Pack
    As low as £142.99
  7. Mermaid Lengths All Colours Beauty Works Double Hair Set 22"-220g
    As low as £216.99
  8. Mermaid Lengths 22 & 24 Inch Beauty Works Celebrity Choice Remi Human Hair Extensions Weft 120g
    As low as £182.99
  9. Mermaid Lengths 24 Inch All Colours Beauty Works Gold Double Weft 220gram
    As low as £499.99
  10. Mermaid Lengths 24 Inch Beauty Works Celebrity Choice Remi Keratin Flat Tips 50g
    As low as £129.99
  11. Mermaid Lengths 24 Inch Beauty Works Stick Tip Remi Hair Extensions 50g
    As low as £148.99
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Items 1-15 of 126

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