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  • New In - Stranded flicky scrunchie pieces!


    Everyones a fan of the purposeful messy bun, there's no better feeling than shoving your hair up out of your face and not really caring how it looks. Effortless and feels great, this style  has somehow over the years turned into a bit of a style statment, the flicks of hair add a tad of feminininity and softness to an updo that can sometimes be quite tight, slick and harsh looking. You're lying if you're not a fan of a messy bun! Add some elegant dangly earrings and you have a perfect updo for a New Years Eve party!


    Model wears Flicky Scrunchie by stranded.

    With the new bob styles that were in over the autum period, a lot of ladies have cut their hair above shoulder length and find it difficult to create such styles for effortless glam. This is where you reach for the newest stranded product, the flicky scrunchie pieces! A large bobble with added extra synthetic hair for you to play around with and pin to your hearts desire. These pieces are great for adding extra volume to an updo such as the messy bun, they can also be heat styled up to 180 degrees so they're great for creating texture too. Adding a few curls here and there for extra glam can bring this updo from drab to fab!


    Available in 28 different colours means this piece can blend with your natural hair colour seamlessly and at only £5.99, you definatley can't go wrong!

    Click here to be taken to the website.

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  • NEW - Stranded ponytails!!


    Christmas is slowly drifting out as we await the shiny new year full of possibilities, most of us desperate for a glass of water and a salad after festivities got us feeling worse for wear! The christmas weave has seen better days, been curled, blown out and straightened to the maximum and you're feeling something fancy for new years eve, this is where these stranded ponytails save your life!

    Strandeds new range of clip on hair pieces, particulalry ponytails are a fast and easy way to get sophisticated, glamourous style in an instant. In a range of different finishes, from straight to the biggest curls you know, there's something for every occasion to leave you feeling fantastic and welcoming the new year in style! There are 2 different lengths to choose from, medium as shown in the first photo below and long which is the length of the second two photos.

    stranded ponytails

    First photo is a medium flicky ponytail, second photo is a long and curly piece while the third is a long straight ponytail.


    These ponytails come in 28 different colours, each shown above, all colours are natural hair colours designed to blend with your own hair colour seamlessly to avoid detection! Each ponytail is a basket case design, can be put over the top of your own bun and pulled tight or you can pull tight around a bull dog clip and clip it on. Whichever way you prefer or find easier to weae and style, these are synthetic but can be curled or straightened with a heating tool up to 180 degrees.

    These ponytails are available to be purchased from our website or in store. Medium ponytails start at £14.99 and long ponytails are £15.99. Click here to be taken to the website!

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