Blacks & Browns Beauty Works Gold Double Weft 150g

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Beauty Works Gold Double Weft 150g is designed to maximise volume and is the ultimate in premium remy human hair. Long lasting, tangle free and super thickness every time. Double wefted with a lace design allows the hair to be double wefted creating a super thick extension, with more hair but a shorter weft. Double drawn- the weft is double drawn to ensure all lengths are the same resulting in a thicker, natural looking hair from root to tip. Lace wefted- the unique lace design prevents shedding and compacts the double wefted hair onto a flat lace weft. Allowing this hair to be applied doubled without the stylist having to double up the weft. Cuticle retained- the cuticles are processed to ensure they are facing the same direction. As a result the hair is soft, tangle free and retains its vitality. Everyone loves a brunette, who said blondes have more fun anyway? Choose from rich chocolate to stunning auburn.
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